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Licences and works approvals

Licences and works approvals

The Department of Environment Regulation (DER) has responsibility under Part V of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 (EP Act) for the licensing and registration of prescribed premises, the issuing of works approvals and administration of a range of regulations.  DER also monitors and audits compliance with works approvals, licence conditions and regulations, take enforcement actions as appropriate, and develops and implements Departmental licensing and industry regulation policy.

Industry Licensing

Industrial premises can produce significant benefits for our society but they also have the potential to pollute or otherwise impact on the quality of our air, land or water.

DER is responsible for regulating industrial emissions and discharges to the environment through a works approval and licensing process.

Certain industrial premises with the potential to cause emissions and discharges to air, land or water are known as ‘prescribed premises’ and trigger regulation under the EP Act.

The EP Act requires a works approval to be obtained before constructing a prescribed industrial premises and makes it an offence to cause an emission or discharge unless a licence or registration is held for the premises.

Prescribed premises categories are outlined in Schedule 1 of the Environmental Protection Regulations 1987.

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