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Air quality

Air quality is important to us all, and poor air quality affects human health and the environment.  The air we breathe is a mixture of gases, and tiny solid and liquid particles.

Air pollution occurs when the air contains substances that can affect or even injure humans and animals, or damage plants or materials. These substances, air pollutants, can be in the form of tiny particles, liquids or gas.

Some substances come from natural sources, while others are caused by human activities such as cars, fires, industry, agriculture and business.

See Air quality index for data on air quality in Western Australia.

Air quality in Western Australia

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation has the role of protecting and maintaining air quality in Western Australia.

DWER provides strategic, technical, and policy advice on air quality matters such as ambient air quality, industrial emissions, odour modelling, meteorology, health standards and air toxics. It works with, and provides regular advice to:

  • the Minister for Environment
  • the Environmental Protection Authority
  • other parts of the Department of Environment Regulation (licensing, environmental impact assessment and the regions)
  • other State and local government agencies
  • industry, and
  • the community.

Air quality publications