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The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation operates an air quality monitoring network with sites in Perth and regional areas of Western Australia.

Monitoring is carried out according to the requirements of the National Environment Protection (Ambient Air Quality) Measure and improves our understanding of air quality trends, and the long term impacts on Western Australian communities.

Data from the monitoring network is presented online as ambient concentrations and air quality index (AQI) values which are updated hourly. 

Detailed air quality monitoring reports can be found in the latest air quality publications.

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Past plots are displayed in accordance with NEPM averaging requirements.

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About the plots

RED plots are clock hour averaged meaning the 1-hour averages are constrained to start and end on each hour. 
GREEN plots represent missing or invalid data and can be ignored. 
BLUE plots are averaged as per the National Environment Protection (Air Quality) Measure (NEPM) standard reporting averages of:

  • carbon monoxide (CO) - 8 clock hour averaged (rolling average)
  • nitrogen dioxide (NO2) - 1 clock hour averaged
  • sulfur dioxide (SO2) - 1 clock hour averaged
  • ozone (O3) - 1 clock hour averaged
  • PM10 particles (PM10) - 24 clock hour averaged (rolling average)
  • PM2.5 particles (PM2.5) - 24 clock hour averaged (rolling average)