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Licences and works approvals assessments for public comment

Submissions on the below applications may be forwarded to the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation before the closing date indicated below.

Submissions may be mailed to Department of Water and Environmental Regulation,Locked Bag 10, Joondalup DC WA 6919 or emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Details Applicant and Location Category Assessments Type Submissions Closing Date

B&J Catalano Pty Ltd -  M70/733   KALAMUNDA WA 6076

(12) Screening, etc. of material. New Works Approval 2020-09-03

Paraburdoo Iron Ore Mine and Eastern Range Project ML246SA and General-Purpose Leases G70/14 and G70/04 TOM PRICE WA 6751

(05) Processing or beneficiation of metallic or non metallic ore; (64) Class II or III putrescible landfill site. New Works Approval 2020-09-01

IGO Nova Pty Ltd -NMining Lease M28/376 - FRASER RANGE WA

(52) Electric Power Generation; (54) Sewage facility; (64) Class II or III putrescible landfill site; (05) Processing or beneficiation of metallic or non metallic ore. Amendment 2020-08-31

Paddington Gold Pty Ltd - tenements M24/302 and M24/102 - KALGOORLIE WA 6430

(06) Mine dewatering New Works Approval 2020-08-27

Mardie Station - Part of exploration tenements E08/1849-I KARRATHA WA 6714

(14) Solar salt manufacturing New Licence 2020-08-26

NIGEL PALMER EARTHMOVING PTY LTD - Lot 9005 NULLAKI PENINSULA (Rock Cliff Circle/Eden Road, Nullaki)Deposited Plan 52088 Volume 2653 Folio 12 - ALBANY WA 6330



(12) Screening, etc. of material New Works Approval 2020-08-26

Kojonup Piggery - Lot 10 on Plan 23562, 30 Crapella Road BOSCABEL WA 6394

(02) Intensive Piggery New Licence 2020-08-25

Credaro Family Estate Winery Lot 3 (6634) Bussell Highway CARBUNUP WA 6280

(25) Alcoholic beverage manufacturing. New Works Approval 2020-08-25

Pilbara Iron Company (Services) Pty Ltd - The proposed South East Prongs Waste Fines Storage Facility (SEP WFSF) will be located within the SEP pit at the Tom Price mine on ML4SA, held by Hamersley Iron Pty Ltd.Please refer to Section 3.0 Premises Details of the Attached Part V Supporting Document (RTIO, April 2020).ASHBURTON

(05) Processing or beneficiation of metallic or non metallic ore New Works Approval 2020-08-24

Sandy Ridge Facility - Crown lease O289974 granted by the State of Western Australia to Tellus Holdings Ltd in respect of Lot 510 on Deposited Plan 413497, Whole Volume 3169 Folio 365. BOORABBIN  WA 6429



(61) Liquid waste facility; (61A) Solid waste facility. New Application 2020-08-14

Meteor Stone Pty Ltd - 86 Wesco Road Nowergup, being Part of Lot 6 On Diagram 34734  WANNEROO WA 6065

(12) Screening, etc. of material; (77) Concrete Batching or Cement Products Manufacturing Renewal 2020-08-20

Urban Resources Pty Ltd - Part Lot 9003 Mather Drive NeerabupLot 9003 on Deposited Plan 70103 Volume 2765 Folio 589  WANNEROO WA 6065

(12) Screening, etc. of material New Works Approval 2020-08-20

Moonyoonooka Sand Quarry - Lot 4 on Plan 13161 ,MOONYOONKA WA 6532

(63) Class I inert landfill site. New Licence 2020-08-20

Former Wheal Ellen Mine Site - Lot Number 1146 on Deposited Plan 231889Certificate of Title LR3164/799 (Landgate PIN 728229)Reserve 52194Lot Number 11448 on Deposited Plan 184560Certificate of Title LR3075/254 (Landgate PIN 997127)Reserve 7671 NORTHAMPTON WA 6535


(65) Class IV secure landfill site. New Works Approval 2020-08-20

Cleanaway Geraldton - 12 Connoly street Webberton WA

(62) Solid waste depot. New Works Approval 2020-08-20

Hanson Construction Materials Pty Ltd - Mining Leases M08/45 and M08/117, Miscellaneous LicensesL08/37 and L08/38 and general purpose lease G08/1 - EXMOUTH WA

(70) Screening, etc. of Material New Works Approval 2020-08-19

King of the Hills - M37/457 M37/548 M37/1105 - LEONORA  WA 6438

(54) Sewage facility; (89) Putrescible Landfill Site. New Works Approval 2020-08-19

Part of Crown Reserve 3476  - Norseman Liquid Waste Facility - NORSEMAN WA 6443

(61) Liquid waste facility. New Works Approval 2020-08-19

Gruyere Gold Project Mining Lease M38/1267, Great Central Road LAVERTON WA 6440

(52) Electric Power Generation New Works Approval 2020-08-18

Lot 5216 on Plan 205738 and Lot 4 on Diagram 69395, Settlement Road, NARRIKUP WA 6326

(15) Abattoir; (16) Rendering operations; (62) Solid waste depot; (67) Fuel burning; (83) Fellmongering. Amendment 2020-08-18

Midland Pumping Station No. 051-10 Lot 799 on Deposited Plan 408219. Volume 2912, Folio 863. No. 500 Katharine Street, Bellevue(Wastewater pump station site to be located within futurepublic open space lot of future residential subdivision, within an easement in favour of the Water Corporation) BELLEVUE WA 6056

(85A) Sewage Pumping Station. New Application 2020-08-13

BHP Billiton Iron Ore Port Hedland Operations Nelson Point Lease LGEI123403, Goldsworthy Rail Lease LGE J998591, Finucane Island Loop LGE I126342, Finucane Island Lease LGE J998595, PACE Wharf Lease K693809L, Utah Jild Lease K693814L, Harriet Point Lease K693808, Nelson Point Wharf Lease LGE I123400, Under Harbour Tunnel Lease K693815L, Finucane Island Substation Lease LGE G946533 - Wilson Street and Finucane Road, PORT HEDLAND, WA, 6721

(05) Processing or beneficiation of metallic or non metallic ore; (73) Bulk Storage of Chemicals, etc; (54) Sewage facility; (58) Bulk Material Loading or Unloading (Other Than Salt); (61) Liquid waste facility Amendment 2020-10-21

August 13, 2020: 10:42 pm