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Licences and works approvals assessments for public comment

Submissions on the below applications may be forwarded to the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation before the closing date indicated below.

Submissions may be mailed to Department of Water and Environmental Regulation,Locked Bag 10, Joondalup DC WA 6919 or emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Details Applicant and Location Category Assessments Type Submissions Closing Date

Forrestania Nickel Operations - Cosmic Boy BioHeapTM Facility - Legal Description -Mining LeaseM77/339 Forrestania Nickel Operations Forrestania - Southern Cross RoadFORRESTANIA WA 6359

(07) Vat or in situ leaching of metal. New Works Approval 2020-03-06

BHP Billiton Iron Ore Pty ltd - Wheelarra Hill (Jimblebar) Iron Ore Mine Tenements M266SA and L46/145 (pending) NEWMAN WA 6753

(06) Mine dewatering New Works Approval 2020-03-20

Richardson Road Landfill Site -  Being part of Lot 6 on Diagram 55535 - Richardson Road UDUC WA 6220

(64) Class II or III putrescible landfill site New Application 2020-02-19

Paddington Gold Pty Ltd - M24/304, M24/102, M24/796, and M24/708 - KALGOORLIE WA 6430

(06) Mine dewatering New Application 2020-03-03

Paddington Gold Pty Ltd - Portions of M24/165, M24/390, M24/227, M24/236, M24/266, and M24/393 as depicted in Schedule 1 of the Licence. Rose Pit and Violet Pit located approximately 40km north of Kalgoorlie - Mount Pleasant BROAD ARROW WA

(06) Mine dewatering; (12) Screening, etc. of material Amendment 2020-03-01

Mincor Resources NL - L15/235-Mincor Resources NL. Expiry 16/12/2023M15/90- Mincor Resources NL. Expiry 05/08/2026M15/1457- Mincor Resources NL. Expiry 10/01/2033 KAMBALDA EAST WA 6442

(06) Mine dewatering; (89) Putrescible Landfill Site New Application 2020-02-28

South Boulder Wastewater Treatment Plant - Celebration Road Portion of Reserve No. 42000 - BOULDER WA 6430

(54) Sewage facility; (61) Liquid waste facility. New Application 2020-02-27

Cowara Contactors Ltd - Lot 1062 Ablett Road Cowaramup Vol:1992 Folio 408 - COWARAMUP WA 6284

(13) Crushing of building material; (62) Solid waste depot. New Application 2020-02-25

Urban Resources Pty Ltd - Lot 810 on Deposited Plan 202726  - MUNDIJONG WA 6123

(12) Screening, etc. of material. New Application 2020-02-19

BHP Billiton Nickel West Pty Ltd - Mining Tenements M36/9, M36/618, M36/676 and M53/489 -MUNDIJONG WA 6123

(12) Screening, etc. of material. New Application 2020-02-19

Parron Place - 1 115:24:30.299 -30:22:57.2952 115:25:18.924 -30:22:56.2043 115:25:18.384 -30:23:29.2364 115:25:14.824 -30:23:33.9985 115:24:39.192 -30:23:42.7406 115:24:34.224 -30:23:43.258 , JURIEN BAY WA 6516

(67A) Compost manufacturing and soil blending. New Application 2020-02-17

February 17, 2020: 9:00 pm