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Clearing referrals and other matters not for public comment or appeal

Table 1. Clearing Referrals not for public comment or appeal

Clearing referrals proposed under Section 51DA(2) and decision of clearing referrals under Section 51DA(3) of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 (EP Act).

Table 2. Other matters not for public comment or appeal

Application to surrender a clearing permit made under Section 51MA(1) of the EP Act, and the acceptance or refusal of an application to surrender a clearing permit made under Section 51MA(7) of the EP Act.

Decision to revoke or suspend a clearing permit made under Section 51L(1) of the EP Act.

Decision to amend a clearing permit under Section 51K(2)(b) of the EP Act on the initiative of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Amendment decisions that are not appealable include CEO-initiated amendments and amendments to give effect to a decision of the Minister for Environment. All publicly appealable decisions on amendments can be found at Clearing permits available for public appeal.

Decision to refuse to grant a clearing permit under Section 51E(5)(b) of the EP Act.

Decision to refuse to grant an amendment application under Section Section 51KA(4)(b) of the EP Act.

See details in the links below, and the FTP site for further information and documentation.

Queries may be mailed to Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, Locked Bag 10, Joondalup DC WA 6919 or emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Table 1. Clearing referrals not for public comment or appeal

ReferrerLocation DetailsSize (ha)DecisionDateDocuments (FTP)Clearing Permit System (CPS) Link
 Lot 9000 Middle Swan Pty Ltd  Lot 9009 on Deposited Plan 400991, Viveash  31 trees  Clearing Permit Required  07/02/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10467/1
 City of Busselton  Lot 556 on Deposited Plan 72102 (Crown Reserve 34111), Quindalup  9 trees  Clearing Permit Not Required  12/02/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10474/1
 Mr Michael Jeffery Saunders  Higham Road reserve (PIN 11527781), Minigin  0.48 Clearing Permit Required  27/02/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10472/1
Regional Power Corporation, trading as Horizon Power Lot 280 on Deposited Plan 217089, Lot 154 on Deposited Plan 240326 and Great Northern Highway road reserve (PIN 11725547), Meekathara 0.12 Clearing Permit Not Required  27/02/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10495/1
Kimberley Ports Authority Unallocated Crown land (PIN 1352826, 12039290), Wyndham and Oombulgurri 0.05 Clearing Permit Not Requried 27/02/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10462/1
 SDSBV Pty Ltd  Ocean Reef Road reserve (PIN 11901146, 11812291) and Badgerup Road reserve (PIN 11812292, 11901139), Wanneroo  0.106  Clearing Permit Not Required  27/02/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10499/1
 Harley Dykstra  Lot 35 On Plan 15774, Lange  0.172  Clearing Permit Not Required  06/03/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10478/1
 Mr Aaron Chilcott  Lot 158 on Deposited Plan 227520, Kojonup  4  Clearing Permit Required  06/03/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10506/1
 City of Swan  Lot 501 on Deposited Plan 416416, Caversham  0.04  Clearing Permit Required  06/03/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10492/1
 Mr James Adamson  Lot 65 on Plan 8951, Dunsborough  0.017  Clearing Permit Not Required  06/03/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10518/1
 City of Bunbury  Lot 729 on Plan 240341 (Crown Reserve 6962), East Bunbury  0.008  Clearing Permit Not Required  06/03/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10500/1
 RAC Tourism Assets Pty Ltd  Lot 1 on Diagram 77929, Lot 54 on Deposited Plan 192641 and Banksia Drive Road Reserve (PIN 1144554), Coral Bay  0.103  Clearing Permit Not Required  12/03/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10493/1
 City of Busselton  Bell Drive road reserve (PIN 11628788, 11434874), Broadwater  4 trees  Clearing Permit Required  12/03/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10514/1
 Mr Paul Bridgman  Lot 600 on Deposited Plan 413657, Balingup  4 trees  Clearing Permit Not Required  12/03/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10484/1
 CPS Technology & Infrastructure Pty Ltd  Kerosene Lane road reserve (PIN 11752689) and Lot 800 on Deposited Plan 72839, Baldivis  0.01  Clearing Permit Not Requried  20/03/2024  Referral Docments  REF 10470/1
 Shire of Corrigin  Lot 300 on Deposited Plan 40432 (Crown Reserve 18517), Corrigin  0.073  Clearing Permit Required  20/03/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10540/1
 Shire of Esperance  Lot 799 on Deposited Plan 183646 (Crown Reserve 36993)
 Lot 800 on Deposited Plan 183646 (Crown Reserve 36993)
 Lot 759 on Deposited Plan 29799 (Crown Reserve 48754)
 Castletown Quays road reserve (PIN 11414904)
 Goldfields Road reserve (PIN 11417619)
 Norseman Road reserve (PIN 11417622)
 Keenan Road reserve (PIN 11648119)
 0.913  Clearing Permit Not Required  25/03/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10516/1
 Regional Power Corporation, trading as Horizon Power  Lot 81 on Deposited Plan 219327 and Campbell Road Reserve (PIN 1389566), Whim Creek  0.091  Clearing Permit Not Required  25/03/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10541/1
 Mr Karl Titelius  Lot 2185 on Deposited Plan 231360 and Hedges Road Reserve (PIN 11837537), Hovea  0.004  Clearing Permit Not Required  02/04/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10527/1
Shire of Esperance  Fisheries Road reserve (PIN 1174851, 11647526), Myrup  0.867  Clearing Permit Not Required  05/04/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10546/1
 GN Construction (WA) PTY LTD t/a Cape Constructions  Thornton Road reserve (PIN 11469292) and Lot 200 on Deposited Plan 69893,Yallingup and Yallingup Siding  0.07  Clearing Permit Not Required   08/04/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10531/1
 Mrs Erin Ardon  Lot 25 on Plan 18447, Walpole  0.04  Clering Permit Not Required  08/04/2024  Referral Document  REF 10523/1
 Mr and Mrs Euan and Katie de Kock  Lot 26 on Plan 14705, Mokine  0.415  Clearing Permit is Required  08/04/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10538/1
 Shire of Esperance  Oldfield Road reserve (PIN 11642042), East Mungilup  0.046  Clearing Permit Not Required  22/4/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10549/1
 Kimberley Port Authority  Lot 1272 on Deposited Plan 172093, Lot 1737 on Deposited Plan 216431, Lot 600 on Deposited Plan 207828, Lot 719 on Deposited Plan 172093 and Lot 896 on Deposited Plan 208779, Wyndham,  2.28  Clearing Permit Not Required  10/05/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10563/1
 Regional Power Corporation, trading as Horizon Power  Lot 99 on Deposited Plan 213519, Lot 4641 on Deposited Plan 220718 and Lot 267 on Deposited Plan 93179, Gap Ridge  0.26  Clearing Permit Not Required  10/05/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10587/1
 Regional Power Corporation, trading as Horizon Power  Multiple land parcels along Waston Street, Mount Magnet  0.0633  Clearing Permit Required  14/05/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10561/1
 City of Busselton  Geographe Bay Road Reserve (PIN 11434880), Abbey  0.39  Clearing Permit Not Requried   23/05/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10594/1
 City of Busselton  Lot 60 on Deposited Plan 194383, Broadwater,  0.74  Clearing Permit Not Requried  24/05/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10596/1
 Mr and Mrs Benjamin and Kelly McIntosh  Lot 33 on Plan 13512, Kronkup  0.3  Clearing Permit Not Required 11/06/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10606/1
 Ms Lucy Katherine Caratti  Lot 1 on Deposited Plan 45806 and Kilcarnup Road reserve (PIN 1265017), Burnside  0.013  Clearing Permit Not Required  24/06/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10578/1
 City of Albany  Lot 202 on Deposited Plan 76615, Mount Melville  0.027  Clearing Permit Not Required  25/06/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10584/1
 Mr and Mrs John and Megan Guppy  Lot 66 on Deposited Plan 419111, Lyalls Mills  0.46  Clearing Permit Not Required  25/06/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10616/1
 City of Albany  Bay View Drive road reserve (PINs 1339224 and 1339225), Little Grove  0.0135  Clearing Permit Not Required  28/06/2024  Rerferral Documents  REF 10610/1
 Jacqueline Smythe  Lot 26 on Deposited Plan 424129, Dalyellup  25 trees  Clearing Permit Required  28/06/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10579/1
 City of Busselton  Elmore Road reserve (PIN 11433705), Quindalup  3 trees  Clearing Permit Not Required  28/06/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10648/1
 Development WA  Osprey Link/Lakes Road intersection (PIN 11730961), Lot 606 on Deposited Plan 59101, Lot 1604 on Deposited Plan 419681, Stake Hill, and Gordon Road reserve (PIN 1244646), Greenfields  0.02  Clearing Permit Not Required   28/06/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10632/1
 Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage  Lot 1 on Diagram 23805, Jackitup  0.464  Clearing Permit Required  28/06/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10623/1
 Kimberley Ports Authority  Lot 621 on Deposited Plan 70861 (Crown reserve 28650), Minyirr  13 Trees  Permit Not Required  12/07/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10659/1
 City of Bunbury  Lot 830 on Deposited Plan 91060, Bunbury  0.0138  Permit Not Required  19/07/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10660/1

Table 2. Other matters not for public comment or appeal

Permit HolderLocation DetailsSize (ha)TypeDecision
DateDocuments (FTP)Clearing Permit System (CPS) link
 Yeagarup Farm Pty Ltd as Trustee for Hawke Property Trust  Lots 8183 and 8185 on Deposited Plan 201591, Yeagarup,  20.62  Area Permit  Application Refused  05/02/2024  Refusal  CPS 9386/1
 AllTrack 2 WA Pty Ltd  Lot 5449 on Deposited Plan 206481,  Gingin  13.76  Area Permit  Application Refused  06.02/2024  Refusal  CPS 9936/1
 Main Roads Western Australia  Numerous properties, Shire of Toodyay  54.87  Purpose Permit  Administrative Amendment  25/03/2024  Permit  CPS 7431/2
 City of Albany  Closed Road Reserve (PIN 588431), Collingwood Park  0.10  Area Permit  Application Refused  27/03/2024  Refusal  CPS 9996/1
 Main Roads Western Australia  Numerous properties, Meekatharra and Wiluna  534  Purpose Permit  Administrative Amendment  28/03/2024  Permit  CPS 6753/4
 Discovery Holiday Parks Pty Ltd  Lot 304 on Plan 50276, Coogee  2.77  Area Permit  Ministerial Amendment  28/03/2024  Permit  CPS 9543/2
Regional Power Corporation trading as Horizon Power Lot 1504 on Deposited Plan 404497, Lot 1499 on Deposited Plan 404497, Great Northern Highway Road reserve (PIN 11734365) and Crown Reserve 33016 (PIN 11015917), Boodarie 106  Purpose Permit Ministerial Amendment  09/04/2024  Permit  CPS 9705/2
 PSP Properties Pty Ltd as trustee for the Perth Surf Park Property Trust  Lot 800 on Deposited Plan 50212 and Lot 9001 on Deposited Plan 65564, Jandakot  5.75  Area  Permit  Ministerial Amendment  09/04/2024  Permit  CPS 10068/2
 Waddi Wind Farm Pty Ltd  Brand Highway Road Reserve (PIN 11579146), Lot 105 on Plan 59027, Lot 3901 on Plan 209568, Lot 4134 on Plan 240347, Cooljarloo and Waddi Road Reserve (PIN 1353722), Badgingarra  1.358  Purpose Permit  Surrender  19/04/2024  Permit  CPS 8449/1
 Warwick Glen Grazing Pty Ltd and Molita Grove Grazing Pty Ltd  Lot 230 on Deposited Plan 232802, Elgin  5.44 Area Permit  Suspended  30/04/2024  Permit  CPS 8985/1
 Mr Shaun Pedrin and Mr Mario Pedrin  Lot 759 on Deposited Plan 207952, Ghooli  1.44  Area Permit  Application Refused  19/05/2024  Permit  CPS 10160/1
Co-operative Bulk Handling Limited  Lot 8 on Deposited Plan 419100, Bindoon-Moora Road reserve (PIN 11709929) and unnamed rail reserve (PIN 1053262) Moora  1.7  Purpose Permit  Ministerial Amendment  24/05/2024  Permit  CPS 9352/2
 Samuel Heywood  Lot 8535 on Deposited Plan 140392, Perup   3.9  Area Permit  Application Refused  28/05/2024  Refusal  CPS 9610/1
 Lovegrove Investments Pty Ltd  Lot 140 on Deposited Plan 232778, Cookernup  0.34  Area Permit  Application Refused  28/05/2024  Refusal  CPS 9974/1
 Shire of Broome  Lot 501 on Deposited Plan 427094 (PIN 427094), Sanctuary Road reserve (PIN 11478832), Fairway Drive and portion of un-made road reserves (PIN 11478829), Cable Beach
Oryx Road and portion of un-made road reserves (PIN 11478830), Bilingurr
 15.70  Area Permit  Administrative Amendment  07/06/2024  Permit  CPS 10412/2
 Peet Funds Management Limited on behalf of Peet and Co Limited  Lot 3000 on Deposited Plan 44066, Burns Beach  1.63  Area Permit  Ministerial Amendment  21/06/2024  Permit  CPS 9918/2
 Lovegrove Investments Pty Ltd  Lot 500 on Deposited Plan 302681, Waroona  2.36  Area Permit  Application Refused  24/06/2024  Refusal  CPS 9523/1
 Lovegrove Investments Pty Ltd  Lot 1 on Diagram 37195, Cookernup  8.2  Area Permit  Application Refused  24/06/2024  Refusal  CPS 9978/1
 Ludlow Holdings Pty Ltd  Lot 43 on Deposited Plan 69043, Ludlow  0.66  Area Permit  Application Refused  27/06/2024  Refusal  CPS 10027/1
 Jamie Peter Burton and Victoria Jane Burton  Lot 9000 on Deposited Plan 66307, Derby  404.77  Area Permit  Ministerial Amendment  28/06/2024  Permit  CPS 9318/2