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Clearing permits available for public appeal

Clearing permits granted, amended permits granted, undertaking to grant and permits granted under the Assessment Bilateral Agreement made under Section 45 of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 available for public appeal.

Under section 101A(4) of the Environmental Protection Act 1986, a person who disagrees with a decision to grant a clearing permit may within 21 days of that grant lodge with the Minister an appeal in writing setting out the grounds of that appeal.

Under section 101A(3) of the Environmental Protection Act 1986, a person who disagrees with a specification or an amendment to a clearing permit may, within the period within which the applicant or holder can lodge an appeal (21 days of the applicant being notified) about that specification or amendment, lodge with the Minister an appeal in writing setting out the grounds of that appeal.

Certain matters involving amendments made to clearing permits cannot be appealed including correction of clerical mistakes, unintentional errors or omissions.  

For further information or to lodge an appeal, please contact the Appeals Convenor on (08) 6364 7990, Level 22 Forrest Centre, 221 St George’s Terrace, PERTH WA 6000. 

See details in the links below, and the FTP site for further information and documentation.

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Permit Holder Location Details Permit Type Clearing Purpose Size (ha) Decision Date Bilateral Agreement Related Documents Clearing Permit System link
Wattleup Road Property Developments Pty Ltd Lot 108 on Deposited plan 8384, Hammond Park Area earthworks 4.046 2018-05-21 No


CPS 7915/1

Mar Aldridge Lot 6148 on Deposited plan 225758, Catterick Purpose grazin and fire hazard reduction 61 1/6/2018 No


CPS 7868/1

Isaac Peter Baum Lot 11 on Deposited Plan 70016, Cowalellup Area establishing a stockyard 5.47 5/6/2018 No


CPS 7987/1

Hanson Construction Materials Pty Ltd Lot 2 on Diagram 42706 Purpose amendment to extend duration - Extractive industry 12 7/6/2018 No


CPS 2430/2

Geoffrey Thomas Pearson Lots 9 and 10 on Plan 15419 and unconstructed road reserve (PIN 1307387), Myalup Purpose Horticulture 8 8/6/2018 No


CPS 7697/1

Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes Lot 903 on Deposited Plan 189961, Bridgetown Purpose expanding the Bridgetown waste management facility 2.62 8/6/2018 No


CPS 7722/1

Dale Bay Holdings Pty Ltd Lot 6879 on Deposited Plan 170953, Napier Purpose agriculture 0.5 8/6/2018 No


CPS 8022/1

Yan Ma Lot 25 on Plan 2728, Lot 26 on Plan 2728, Lot 27 on Plan 2728 and Lot 50 on Diagram 55558, Beckenham Purpose drainage 0.27 11/6/2018 No


CPS 7335/1

Paddington Gold Pty Ltd Mining Tenement M24/165 and Mining Tenement M24/390 Purpose mineral production 50 12/6/2018 No


CPS 413/5

Paddington Gold Pty Ltd various mining tenements Purpose mineral production 230 12/6/2018 No


CPS 374/8

BHP Billiton Nickel West Pty Ltd Lot 14 on Deposited Plan 58833, Feysville Purpose mineral exploration 300 12/6/2018 No


CPS 2351/3

City of Swan Benara Road reserve (PIN 11823056) and unnamed road reserve (PIN 12024803), Caversham Area road widening 0.08 14/6/2018 No


CPS 8015/1

Nyamba Buru Yawuru Ltd Lot 1544 on Plan 75840, Roebuck Purpose pivot irrigation 422 14/6/2018 No


Flora and Fauna final

CPS 7953/1

Lalke Karrinyup Country Club Incorporated. Lot 9000 on Deposited plan 58333, Karrinyup Area maintaining golf course greens 29 trees 18/6/2019 No


CPS 7930/1

Merredin Solar Farm Nominees Pty Ltd Lot 194 on Deposited Plan 72480 and Lot 19444 on Deposited Plan 229756, Merredin Purpose amendment to condition (7) - constructing a solar energy facility 4.32 18/6/2018 No


CPS 7879/2

Barry James Dunnet Lot 2 on Diagram 10390, Yeagarup Purpose expanding an existing dam 3.03 19/6/2018 No


CPS 7839/1

Shire of Broome Lot 556 on Deposited Plan 77711 and Lot 600 on Deposited Plan 410010, Broome Area seawall construction 0.38 19/6/2018 No


CPS 8006/1

City of Armadale intersection of Carradaine Road and Carrawatha Avenue (Road Reserve PIN 11862014) Area constructing a median island 7 trees 19/6/2018 No


CPS 7929/1

Shire of West Authur various locations within Bowelling-Duranillin Road reserve and Bowelling-McAlinden Road reserve, Bowelling Purpose road widening and maintenance 1.2 19/6/2018 No


CPS 7827/1

Commissioner of Main Roads Western Australia various location within Western Australia Purpose amended permit to extend the duration of the permit - project activities various location within Western Australia 22/6/2018 No


Public comment notice

CPS 818/13

Jo-Anne Patricia Griggs and Bevan Ross Griggs Lot 28 on Deposited Plan 33482, Yallingup Area constructing a dam 0.08 22/6/2018 No


CPS 7909/1

Instant products group Pty Ltd Lot 609 on Deposited Plan 409234, Muchea Significant impact on Carnaby’s cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus latirostris), a protected species under Part 3 of the EPBC Act, EPBC2017/7901 Area warehouse and transport depot development 12.37 21/6/2018 Yes


CPS 7574/1

June 25, 2018: 9:50 pm