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Clearing permits available for public appeal

Clearing permits granted, amended permits granted, undertaking to grant and permits granted under the Assessment Bilateral Agreement made under Section 45 of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 available for public appeal.

Under section 101A(4) of the Environmental Protection Act 1986, a person who disagrees with a decision to grant a clearing permit may within 21 days of that grant lodge with the Minister an appeal in writing setting out the grounds of that appeal.

Under section 101A(3) of the Environmental Protection Act 1986, a person who disagrees with a specification or an amendment to a clearing permit may, within the period within which the applicant or holder can lodge an appeal (21 days of the applicant being notified) about that specification or amendment, lodge with the Minister an appeal in writing setting out the grounds of that appeal.

Certain matters involving amendments made to clearing permits cannot be appealed including correction of clerical mistakes, unintentional errors or omissions.  

For further information or to lodge an appeal, please contact the Appeals Convenor on (08) 6364 7990, Level 22 Forrest Centre, 221 St George’s Terrace, PERTH WA 6000. 

See details in the links below, and the FTP site for further information and documentation.

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Permit Holder Location Details Permit Type Clearing Purpose Size (ha) Decision Date Bilateral Agreement Related Documents Clearing Permit System link
Commissioner of Main Roads Western Australia Various properties in Daggar Hills, Meekatharra, Reedy, Cooladar Hill and Lake Austin Purpose Investigating and stockpiling materials 390 15/11/2019 No

Permit - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/8554/

CPS 8554/1

Shire of Gingin Orange Springs Road road reserve (PIN 11673675, 11673674), Cowalla, (PIN 11168460, 1168464), Moore River National Park, and (PIN 11168462, 11168463, 1226181, 1226182), Orange Springs Area Road upgrades 2.13 18/11/2019 No

Permit - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/8478/

CPS 8478/1

Shire of Waroona Lot 1701 on Deposited Plan 214632, Waroona Area Constructing a transfer station 0.18 18/11/2019 No

Permit - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/8658/

CPS 8658/1

Shire of Esperance Lots 61 to 70 and 73 to 87 on Plan 2260, Lot 116 on Plan 2260, Johns Street Road reserve (PIN 1384147 and 11420008), Parsons street Road reserve (PIN 1384143), Ocean street Road reserve (PIN 1384144), and Moir Street Road reserve (PIN 11420007), Sinclair Purpose Sand extraction 2.2429 19/11/2019 No

Permit - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/8568/

CPS 8568/1

Rural 158 Pty Ltd Lot 28 on Deposited Plan 24127, Ginginup Area irrigation and planting avocado trees 0.72 22/11/2019 No

Permit - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/8606/

CPS 8606/1

Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes Various locations within Shire of Bridgetown - Greenbushes Amended Purpose Amended Permit - extend the permit duration - gravel extraction, road widening and fire hazard zone establishment 19.9 22/11/2019 No

Permit - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/1891/

CPS 1891/5

Tomas Hudak and Ms Kathreen O’Connor Lot 11 on Diagram 63323, Marbelup Area Fire hazard reduction and an orchard as a final land 2.66 25/11/2019 No

Permit - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/8328/

CPS 8328/1

Viridis Ag Pty Ltd Various locations within Bindi Bindi Area Providing efficient farm management practice and machinery access 638 trees 25/11/2019 No

Permit - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/8283/

CPS 8283/1 

City of Bunbury various road reserves (PINS 1176611, 11397285, 1155907, 1297003, 1297729 and 1329852), South Bunbury, Pelican Point and Davenport Purpose Upgrading roads and extending a hang glider landing area 0.18571 25/11/2019 No

Permit - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/8617/

CPS 8617/1

Satterley Brookside Pty Ltd Rose Street road reserve (PIN: 11727341), Upper Swan Purpose installing a sewer 0.1 25/11/2019 No

Permit - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/8630/

CPS 8630/1

City of Cockburn Lot 301 on Deposited Plan 415486, Jandakot Lot 302 on Deposited Plan 415497, Jandakot Lot 303 on Deposited Plan 415496, Jandakot Lot 304 on Deposited Plan 415484, Jandakot Lot 305 on Deposited Plan 415482, Jandakot Lot 307 on Deposited Plan 415495, Jandakot Lot 309 on Deposited Plan 415495, Jandakot Lot 44 on Deposited Plan 415486, Jandakot Lot 800 on Deposited Plan 50212, Jandakot Lot 802 on Deposited Plan 50212, Jandakot Lot 804 on Deposited Plan 41233, Jandakot Lot 9001 on Deposited Plan 65564, Jandakot Lot 9002 on Deposited Plan 65563, Jandakot Prinsep Road road reserve (PIN 11246191) Verde Drive road reserve (PIN 12121051) Purpose Road construction 5.18 2 December 2019 No

Permit - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/8386/

CPS 8386/1

Cranford Pty Ltd Lot 500 on Deposited Plan 74198, Brabham Purpose Bulk earthworks prior to residential development 1.08 4 December 2019 No

Permit - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/8594/

CPS 8594/1

December 9, 2019: 11:18 am