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What's your bag plan?

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 Are you ready for the state-wide ban on lightweight plastic bags? Are you a bagger, a boxer, a juggler or somewhere in between? 
[insert council/agency/school name here] is on board—we hope you are too. The ban starts 1 July—What’s Your Bag Plan? 


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Implementing a lightweight plastic bag ban in Western Australia

PBB CR cover
PBB DP cover

The discussion paperfocused on the Government’s preferred option to implement a statewide ban, and sought input on the impact of the preferred approach. The paper considers how retailers and consumers can prepare for the proposed changes.

The consultation summary report summarises information received from the survey and submissions. There was strong support for taking action on lightweight plastic bags. Almost 95 per cent of the more than 4,400 submissions were in favour of banning lightweight plastic bags. Plastic Bag Ban – Discussion paper submissions

The decision regulatory impact statement assesses the information provided in the discussion paper and provides an analysis of the options considered by the Government. This includes the outcome of the consultation and an assessment of the costs and benefits of each option. The decision regulatory impact  statement confirms the Government’s preferred option, which is to implement a statewide ban.