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Reporting pollution

By reporting pollution to the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) you are helping to ensure we act promptly to minimise harm to public health and the environment. For general enquiries, contact us.

Are you reporting a life-threatening incident or pollution emergency?
Are you reporting a discharge from your premises?
s72 EP Act - Duty to report
Are you enquiring about health concerns?

Report a pollution incident (not life-threatening or an emergency)

Impacts to animals or plants
Waste and litter

About DWER and pollution incidents

DWER officers across the state investigate pollution incidents and work with other agencies to resolve them, generally during office hours.

DWER also has a 24/7 service in Perth that responds to serious pollution and hazardous materials emergencies statewide at short notice. DWER is part of Western Australia’s hazardous materials emergency response framework and works closely with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services to resolve serious incidents quickly.

Nuisance issues and minor waste discharges are normally dealt with by local governments.