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Environmental offsets

Offsets Register

The Government of Western Australia Environmental Offsets Register website provides a central public record of offset agreements in Western Australia, contributing to the broader objectives of transparency and accountability.

The aim of the WA Environmental Offsets Register is to:

  • facilitate transparency and accountability of offsets;
  • provide a single cross-Government record for environmental offsets;
  • monitor offset implementation and outcomes;
  • improve auditing and quality control of offsets; and
  • provide for efficient retrieval of offset information in flexible ways to meet Government, industry and community needs.


The WA Environmental Offsets Policy, released in September 2011, provides a framework for consistent application of environmental offsets to protect and conserve environmental and biodiversity values.


The WA Environmental Offsets Guidelines, released in August 2014, complement the WA Environmental Offsets Policy (2011) and ensure that the basis for decision-making on environmental offsets is understood and consistently applied. The guidelines apply to all biodiversity offsets required as a condition of Western Australian environmental approval processes.