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The Contaminated Sites Regulations 2006 prescribe forms relating to the Contaminated Sites Act 2003 - these forms are available below. (Please note that Form 4 - Certificate of Contamination Audit is generated by the Department of Environment Regulation and is not included below).

docxForm 1: Report of a known or suspected contaminated site
Form 1 under the Contaminated Sites Act 2003, section 11

docxForm 2 - Request for a summary of records in respect of land
Form 2 under the Contaminated Sites Act 2003, section 21

Form 3 - Request for a certificate of contamination audit

Form 3 under the Contaminated Sites Act 2003, section 62

docxForm 6 - Land owner's disclosure before completion of land transaction
Form 6 under the Contaminated Sites Act 2003, section 68

Contaminated sites auditor scheme

docxForm A - Application for first time/primary accreditation

docxForm B - Notification seeking registration in Western Australia under the mutual recognition principle

docxForm B2 - Notification - Automatic Deemed Registration to carry on contaminated sites auditing in Western Australia

docxForm C - Application for accreditation renewal

docxForm D - Supporting expert details

docxForm E - Professional referees

docxForm F - Permission from clients

docxForm G - Notification of auditor engagement

docxForm H - Mandatory auditor's report - commissioner's statement

docxForm I - Mandatory auditor's report - auditor's statement

docxForm J - Mandatory auditor’s report—supporting expert’s statement

xlsForm: Auditor annual report

Feedback Form – Contaminated Sites Auditors Accredited in Western Australia



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