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During the consultation period 2,260 written submissions were received.

This included unique submissions which are listed below.

Alex Gott-Cumbers

Alison Golebiowski

Annie Nutter

Australian Retailers Association

Bev Seeney

Bunbury Harvey Regional Council

Carole de Barre

Carolyn Oliff

Carrie Webb

City of Belmont

City of Fremantle

City of Gosnells

City of Joondalup

City of Perth


Connie Chan

Conservation Council WA

Craig Buchanan

David Meredith and Rosemary Harper

Dr Alicia Sutton Murdoch University

Duc Dau

E Dearle


Environs Kimberley

Hannah Castledine

Isabelle Gagnon 

Jacqui Gilmour

Jesse Williamson 

Jo Party

Joe Lipari

John Legg

John Schreuders

Joycie Tann

Karen Coles

Keryn Zeeb

Kevin Hays

Lana Dzananovic

Lara Norman

Laurence Beaton

Leonie Stubbs

Liza Dicks

Luke Firth

Lynda Faulkner

Malcolm Sykes (Tailored Packaging) 

Margaret Davies

Mario Castelanelli


Martin Dickie

Mary Sprunt

Max Hipkins Mayor City of Nedlands

Melanie Leigh

Michael Perroux (Ecocern)

Millenium Kids

Murray Cook

Nancy Kennedy

National Retail Association

No Balloon Release Australia

Olivia Quinn

Paige Standen-Burrows

Peel Harvey Catchment Council

Peter Vice

Quinns Rocks Environment Group

Roger Cunnington

Roslyn Golding

Ross Cullen (Tailis Consultants)


Russell Black

Sally Murphy

Sally Partington

Sally Wylie


Scott Banister-Jones

Sea Shephed

Sheena Edwards

Sheila Ferguson

Sherry Bentley

Shire of Augusta Margaret River

Shire of Mundaring

Shire of Toodyay

Sonia Emery

Stephanie Hing

Stephen Luplau

Susie Fox-Mooney

Tangaroa Blue Foundations

Town of Cottesloe

W Buchanan


Waste Management Association Australia

Wendy Holmes

Western Australian Seabird Rescue

Western Metropolitan Regional Council


Sample Plastic Ban WA Submission