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To reportContact
  • Loud parties
  • Burglar alarms that have been sounding for more than 30 minutes
Police – 131 444
Noise from:
  • Residential or small to medium business premises
  • Air conditioners
Your local council
Noise from:
  • concerts
  • construction
Event promoter or construction company if you received prior notification or
Your local council

Noise from premises that are licensed or registered by DWER under the Environmental Protection Act 1986.
Check if a premises is licensed

DWER’s 24 hour Pollution Watch hotline – 1300 784 782 or use the Online reporting form

Aircraft noise

Airservices Australia Noise Complaints and Information Service Hotline – 1800 802 584

Traffic noise along major roads

Main Roads Western Australia – 138 138

Noise from shipping and associated activities (e.g. loading and unloading at major ports)

The relevant port authority

Noise nuisance relating to passenger trains

Public Transport Authority – 13 62 13