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Likely impacts

Likely impacts of climate change for Western Australia include:

  • increased risk of bushfire and drought;
  • decreased average rainfall in south-west Western Australia;
  • less fresh water in south-west Western Australia;
  • the need to accelerate infrastructure development (for example, additional water supply sources);
  • increased risks to coastal settlements of coastal erosion, saltwater inundation and storm surge flooding;
  • increased heat stress-related mortality and morbidity, particularly among the elderly;
  • decreased agricultural production, potentially increasing the costs of both food and water and changing population distribution in regional areas;
  • adverse impacts on recreation and tourism;
  • increased risk of erosion in areas where low rainfall results in low biomass, especially where overgrazing occurs; and
  • loss of terrestrial and marine biodiversity.

Source: Government of Western Australia (2012) pdfAdapting to Our Changing Climate1.11 MB. Department of Environment and Conservation October 2012.