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WA's future climate

Projections indicate that continued greenhouse gas emissions will cause further warming globally and changes in all components of the climate system (IPCC, 2013 ).

For the south-west of WA, further reductions in rainfall and increases in temperature and potential evaporation are anticipated.

Climate variable 20302070
Rainfall  Decrease by 2% to 20%  Decrease by 5% to 60%
Summer temperatures Increase by 0.5°C to 2.1°C Increase by 1.0°C to 6.5°C
Winter temperatures Increase by 0.5°C to 2.0°C Increase by 1.0°C to 5.5°C

Source: Government of Western Australia (2012) pdfAdapting to Our Changing Climate 1.11 MB. Department of Environment and Conservation October 2012

The north-west of Western Australia may see a decline in the number of tropical cyclones; however, can expect a higher proportion of its tropical cyclones to be more intense. Cyclones are also expected to occur 100 kilometres further south compared to their current range (Indian Ocean Climate Iniative, 2012).