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Observed changes in WA

Observed changes in Western Australia's climate include changes in temperature, rainfall and sea level rise.



  • Since 1950, rainfall for most parts of WA outside of the south-west has increased, with the highest increase recorded in parts in the north-east of the state (BoM, 2015).
  • Since 1950, rainfall in south-west WA has decreased significantly, with the largest decrease in the Bunbury to Walpole region, where it has fallen by up to 50 millimetres each decade (BoM, 2015).

Sea level rise

  • Sea levels recorded at Fremantle indicate a long-term average rise of 1.5 millimetres each year over 1897 to 2004 (Pattiaratchi & Eliot, 2005).
  • More recent shorter-term data from the Hillarys monitoring station indicate a greater increase of about nine millimetres each year between 1991 and 2011 (BoM, 2011).

Source: Government of Western Australia (2012) pdfAdapting to Our Changing Climate1.11 MB Department of Environment and Conservation October 2012.