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BurnWise Guide

BurnWise Guide

BurnWise Guide

The BurnWise wood smoke management guide has been written to support local governments to manage domestic wood smoke. It includes an overview of the impacts and management of domestic wood smoke, as well as the following three toolkits that can be tailored to suit the resources and needs of local governments in their management of domestic wood smoke.


1. BurnWise Community Education Toolkit

The Community education toolkit includes pamphlets and short films about wood smoke. It is designed to support local government environmental health officers in educating the community on the impacts of wood smoke pollution and how correct wood heater operation can minimise emissions. The resources in the toolkit are also used to support complaints management and smoke patrols (also see BurnWise brochures). 

Important components of this toolkit include the wood moisture meters.

Wood Moisture Meter

Wood Moisture Meter

Wood Moisture Meters

DWER has wood moisture meters available for use by environmental health officers. These meters demonstrate the internal moisture content of wood. Dry, well-seasoned firewood will have an internal moisture content of less than 20 per cent.



2. BurnWise Complaints Management Toolkit

Focusing on education before enforcement, the complaints management toolkit sets out an example process for managing wood smoke complaints and contains reference guides, templates and letters to support complaints management.


3. BurnWise Smoke Patrol Toolkit

The smoke patrol toolkit provides detailed guidance on how to implement a Smoke Patrol Program.


A smoke patrol is a targeted community education program aimed at reducing smoke from domestic wood heaters. It involves visual observations of house chimneys to identify excessively smoky wood heaters. When an excessively smoky chimney is identified, information is provided to assist householders in operating their wood heater more efficiently and effectively.

Smoke patrols focus on education but if a household persistently creates excessive smoke, warnings or infringements can be issued.


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