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A series of brochures and other materials have been produced to provide information and to answer questions you may have on:

  • domestic wood smoke from wood heaters, backyard burning and barbeques;
  • buying and selling wood heaters;
  • home heating options and air quality;
  • responsible operation of your wood heater; and
  • the health implications of wood heaters.

BurnWise Brochures

Brochure Backyard burning 2018 Page 1

pdfBackyard burning

Brochure Buying Selling DL 2018v3 Page 1

pdfBuying and selling wood heaters in Western Australia

Brochure Home heating DL 2018v3 Page 1

pdfHome heating options and air quality 

Brochure Smoke Backyard barbecues 2018v3 Page 1

 pdfSmoke from backyard barbeques, chimineas and outdoor pizza ovens

 Burnwise StoreRight

pdfStore right, burn bright, breathe all right

 Burnwise Stroubleshoot

pdfTroubleshooting your smoky chimney

 Brochure Wood heaters and health DL 2018v2 Page 1

pdfWood heaters and your health


BurnWise Films

Information on wood heaters and backyard burning can be viewed in the BurnWise films below:

Backyard burning 
provides information on backyard burning.

Building a fire 
shows you how to start and operate a bright and efficient smoke free fire.

How to store firewood
 provides information on how to prepare and store your firewood for use.

BurnWise Radio and Newspaper Community Announcements


Community announcements published in newspapers

If you would like to listen to two short radio community announcements on burning wisely and human health, click on the link below:

BurnWise this winter (15 seconds) and BurnWise for health (15 seconds)

On the right are two community announcements published in newspapers during the winter heating season.

BurnWise Wood Heater Demonstration Trailer


Wood Heater Demonstration Trailer

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation's BurnWise wood heater demonstration trailer is a community education tool deployed at events to inform the community on the responsible use of domestic wood heaters.

For information on events and times the trailer will be deployed, see Burnwise Program.

The deployment of the trailer at these events is subject to the weather. If rain and/or high winds are forecast, the trailer will not be deployed.

Two wood heaters are mounted on the trailer to demonstrate how to operate a wood heater responsibly and show differences in smoke and heat output between compliant and non-compliant wood heaters. The trailer also has a display showing short films and copies of all of the BurnWise brochures.

More Information

To obtain copies of the BurnWise brochures or find out which community event the BurnWise wood heater demonstration trailer will be at next, please contact us or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..