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Pollution Response

Contact us to report a pollution emergency, and view Reporting Pollution pages for non-emergency pollution reporting guidance.


In 2015-16, the Department of Environment Regulation (DER) responded to 246 pollution incidents that may have included fuel tanker roll overs, chemical spills, chemical fires, illegal chemical dumping and hazardous materials truck crashes.

DER works with local government and other State government agencies in responding to serious pollution incidents and hazardous materials emergencies state-wide, with a 24/7 availability. 

DER also provides support to emergency agencies under the provisions of the State Emergency Management Plan WestPlan HAZMAT (hazardous materials) and has representation on the HAZMAT Advsiory Team (HEAT).

To carry out its role, DER is equipped with pollution response vehicles containing state of the art equipment specifically designed for pollution monitoring and sampling.

Fact sheet

Environmental Protection (Unauthorised Discharges) Regulations 2004

Air monitoring at a factory fire

Air monitoring at a factory fire

Sampling of discharge into the Swan River

Sampling of discharge into the Swan River

Tank roll over and spill

Tanker roll over and spill