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Under section 54 and section 57 of the Environmental Protection Act 1986, an application for works approval or for a licence must be made in a form and in the manner approved by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Application for works approval, licences or registered premises (including amendments and renewals)

The department has published a new version of the Application form (August 2022)

Other application forms

The following forms are required to apply to surrender or transfer an existing works approval or licence, or to apply for a fee refund:

Contact us if you require further information on works approvals or licensing.

Supporting category checklists 

Applications for certain categories of prescribed premises may require one or more  supporting checklists to be submitted with the main application form (above) for a new works approval or licence (or renewal or amendment thereof). The checklists provide information on what the department requires to assess an application involving the categories listed below. 

Unless stated otherwise below or on the relevant category checklist, all works approval, licence or amendment applications that include at least one of the categories below must complete and submit the relevant checklist(s) together with the main application form. 

The current approved category checklists are provided below; further checklists will be developed by the department and added over time.

Solid waste landfills

This checklist is optional for solid waste landfill sites associated with mining operations or category 89 rural landfill sites. It is mandatory for all other landfill prescribed premises that include one or more of categories 63, 64, 65, and/or 66. 

This checklist outlines additional information requirements for works approval, licence or amendment applications to either:

  • construct and operate a new solid waste landfill
  • amend an instrument granted for an existing landfill (i.e. constructing and operating new cells/landfill areas at an existing landfill facility).

The solid waste landfill category checklist is provided here:

Category checklist – landfills (cat. 63 to 66) (January 2022)