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Mandogalup – Dust Campaign


The Western Australian Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) recently released the report, “Consideration of potential health and amenity impacts of dust in determining the size of a buffer for urban development in the Mandogalup area”. In response to the EPA’s findings, DWER has commenced a short-term campaign to investigate potential sources of dust impacting air quality in the north and north-eastern Mandogalup area, within the City of Kwinana.

Mandogalup is in close proximity to a large residue drying area with some potential for high dust levels which may exceed the Air NEPM criteria. The magnitude and source of any dust that may be generated is unknown, with nearby industry, natural events and other activities potentially all contributing to dust levels experienced in the locality.

The dust monitoring campaign is designed to assist in determining the origin and level of any dust impacting Mandogalup. Monitoring will be undertaken for a period of four (4) months over the 2017/18 summer period.

DWER will also gather information on dust deposition as an indicator of nuisance dust in the region.

Information Session

A face to face community information session was held at the Ken Jackman Hall at the Darius Wells Library & Resource Centre on 22 November 2017 to inform interested parties of the study and answer any questions. 

More Information

DWER has produced a fact sheet to provide information on the dust monitoring campaign to be undertaken at the suburb of Mandogalup in the City of Kwinana, Western Australia.

A web page has been created to allow interested parties to access the raw data from both the LiDAR and the particle monitors. Please note that this data has not been through any quality assurance and is made available for information purposes only.

The web page can be accessed at http://dwermandogalup.ecotech.com.au

For advice or more information, please contact DWER on 6364 7000.