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Cockburn Sound Management Council

Cockburn Sound ecosystem

Marine life Cockburn Sound
(Photo: Fremantle Commercial Diving and Water Corporation)

The Cockburn Sound Management Council is an advisory council to the Minister for Environment—established under s 25 the Environmental Protection Act 1986. The Council was set up in 2000 as a Committee of the Water and Rivers Commission's Board.

The Council provides advice to the Minister for Environment on the environmental management of Cockburn Sound, in particular the protection and maintenance of water quality and associated environmental values of the Cockburn Sound marine area.

pdfCockburn Sound Management Council Terms of Reference

The Council facilitates and coordinates stakeholder and community input into the environmental management of Cockburn Sound. The Council's members include representatives from the community, conservation and recreation groups, industry and Local, State and Federal Government agencies.

pdfCockburn Sound Management Council Members (June 2016)

Council-Supported Research Projects

The Council oversees and coordinates research and investigative studies in Cockburn Sound. Recent research projects supported by the Council include:

Seagrass Cockburn Sound

Seagrass Cockburn Sound (Photo: CSMC)

Annual Environmental Monitoring Report and Report Cards

State of Cockburn Sound Reports from previous years are available here.

The Cockburn Sound Environmental Policy

Cockburn Sound is one of the most intensively used marine areas of Western Australia and is subject to its own State Environmental (Cockburn Sound) Policy 2015 to ensure that the values and uses of Cockburn Sound are protected.

The Policy establishes the environmental quality management framework for Cockburn Sound, as well as the requirements for monitoring and reporting against the management framework.

The Environmental Quality Criteria for chlorophyll a, light attenuation coefficient, phytoplankton biomass and Posidonia sinuosa shoot density are recalculated and updated each year using the monitoring results collected during the current year.

The updated Environmental Quality Criteria for 2015–2016 are available.

More Information

Technical reports, including information on water quality and seagrass health in Cockburn Sound are available publicly here.

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